The Travalogue of Mahmood Nizami “NAZAR NAMA”:Analytical Study


  • Dr. Arshad Ovaisi Professor, Department of Urdu, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore
  • Waseem Arshad Assistant Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Lahore Garison University, Lahore


Mehmod Nizami, Nazar nama, Radio Pakistan, Europe, Girja Ghar, History, Poetry, Pros


Nazarnama reflects the great taste and literary style of Mahmood Nizami. This travelogue of Mahmood Nizami also seems to interpret his complete view of life and it is travelogue is a beautiful blend of ancient and modern, for example, like ancient travelogues, history has been given more importance in the travelogue. And like a modern travelogue, it offers a true tourism-specific observation and philosophy of life. Mahmood Nizami is the first formal step towards modern travelogue and the dimensions presented in it have paved the way for the upcoming travelogues and the interesting style of travelogue of today is the rarity of story and imagination. The initial appearance of the mixture can be clearly seen in the view. The language of Nazranama is not surprising. Beautiful words, vivid similes and elegant style make this travelogue a minimalist work. In this sense, "Nazarnama" is a valuable addition to Urdu travelogues.



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