The Analysis of Educational Exploitation of Women in Pakistani Short Story


  • Dr. Muhammad Asif Awan Professor, Department of Urdu, Riphah International University, Faisalabad
  • Sahar Zahid Research Scholar, Department of Urdu, Government College University, Faisalabad


Ismat Chugtai , Short Story, Pastoral, Educational Expoitation, History, Domestic Life, Social injustice


The portrayal of women in Pakistani Urdu short stories often reflects the complex socio-economic and psychological challenges they face. Through the lens of literature, authors have historically explored the multifaceted aspects of women's lives, particularly the issue of educational exploitation. For instance, the analytical study on the problems of women in Urdu short stories highlights how societal norms and a male-dominated society have influenced the depiction of women's rights and their struggles.Similarly, postcolonial literature in Pakistan has delved into the representation of women, examining their roles within a patriarchal society and the impact of migration and religious influences on their lives. Renowned authors like Bano Qudsiya and Ismat Chughtai have been instrumental in bringing these issues to light, using their narratives to advocate for women's education and emancipation from male dominance. These stories not only serve as a mirror to the society but also as a catalyst for change, urging readers to reflect on the educational injustices women endure and the need for societal reform. The courage and resilience of Pakistani women, as depicted in these stories, continue to inspire and drive the conversation towards greater gender equality and empowerment.This article addresses the educational expoitation in Pakistani Urdu Short stories..

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