The Imagery in Kishwer Naheed's Poetry


  • Dr. Saima Iqbal Assistant Professor, Deptt of Urdu, Government College University, Faisalabad
  • Sadia Baqir M.Phil scholar ,Department of Urdu , Government College University Faisalabad


Urdu poetry, simile and metaphor, imagery, Types of Imagery, Division of Imagery, Imagery in religious books


In the poetic qualities of Urdu poetry, simile and metaphor, like other qualities, has its own specific style and trend in the tradition of imagery. Where the poet used other virtues to express his thoughts and observations, images or similes were also made a part of the poetic style. From the inspired scriptures to the high poetry of every language, it contains a great wealth of metaphors. Some poets have presented different patterns in images with characteristics. While on the whole, every poet, big or small, has some part of the tradition of talking through images. In this article presented the Imagery in the poetry of “ Kishwer Naheed.




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