Characterization in Urdu Ghazal


  • Dr. Saima Iqbal Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Government College University, Faisalabad


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The poet takes the material of his poetry from the universe and the surrounding environment where there are countless people, he can make any person the subject of poetry and present him as a character in his poetry. There are and sometimes they are seen talking and sometimes they directly address. Due to the diverse themes of the ghazal, there are many characters in it. Beauty and love and the problems of Sufism are the major themes of the ghazal and the only narrator of the ghazal is the real lover or virtual lover. There must be a beloved in whose love he is devoted every moment, so many other characters were added in the ghazal due to these two basic characters. The characters in Urdu Ghazal are constantly changing and expanding in terms of human values, good and bad abilities, character traits and personal attributes. There are good and bad characters in our Ghazal. They have transmitted their experiences and thoughts through those who have them. Characterization in Urdu Ghazal presented in this article.



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